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English please…

I’am on a truck…
31 Agosto 2010
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19 Settembre 2010
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We have received few minutes ago a request from a kind person who ask us to write our article even in english.
Well we think it is right! Why do we have to think our customer are only from Italy?
We are in Milan, how many people here in the city are from abroad?

So, from now Box Up will speak also english…
It doesn’t mean we have to traslate everything, but we want to be sure everybody can join our services…

So thanks to jack for his request, we are very glad to assist him and to let him try a new experience with us.

Jack, just for having let us know about you and your need we will grant you 25 euro credit in the case you will rent your first box with us.

Hope you will enjoy your stay with us.

Best regards!

Box Up Self Storage