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People ask about price…

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6 Marzo 2011
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4 Maggio 2011
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…because it is “the great conversation starter”…
When unsure about what to ask, people start with price!

While price is an influence, the top factors in buying decisions still include location, convenience, customer service, and cleanliness. This is why the Crowne Plaza Hotels and Motels are both still in business. Same with BMW and KIA. It is value, not price, that really closes the sale.

Whith this clear in mind we study our “policy of prices”. We well know, here in Box Up, that discount works, but we have to be smart about it.

It is for this reason that we use it but we would like to advice our customer that it is a strategy, not a permanent fix.

It means our promotions could be switched off any time, so…harry up before you will be too late.

The deal is waiting for you…see our top offers in order to be sure you can get your first box at a lower price than other clients.

We hope you will be the next client to join our sensational and “temporary” price reduction.

See you soon here at Box Up Self Storage.