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Furniture storage

Safe, clean and easy

Furniture storage in Milan

Are you moving in and don’t have space to store your furniture?
Are you planning to renovate your home and you need to temporarily vacate some rooms?
Box Up is the right solution, easy and close to you!

Your furniture is safe inside our storage because no one except you can access in your box. With our extensive space for your furniture clutter will no longer be a problem during your moving!
Box up offers separated boxes to fit offices and apartments furniture, ensuring as well archives, equipment and all sort of good custody.

Office furniture storage

Chairs, desktops, archives and anything else you need to move from an office to one another. If you are moving and you need a box or a warehouse for your office furniture, Boxup is your solution! 

How much space do you need?

Choose the better solution that meets your needs


UP TO 4 sqm

Ideal to vacate storage closets, studio flats or to archive boxes.


FROM 5 TO 10 sqm

Ideal to vacate two-room or small three-room apartments (70-80sqm).


FROM 20 TO 30 sqm

Ideal to vacate big spaces (over 120sqm) and small warehouses.


OVER 60 sqm

Ideal to vacate big spaces, facilities, warehouses and much more.

What you can store

At BoxUp you can store almost any kind of item. Apartment and office furniture, archives, tools and machinery, and objects of any size. The list of the items you can bring us is endless.

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