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More space, less thoughts!

From 1 to 1.000 sqm. Flexible, safe, clean and with unlimited internet access!

BoxUp is a self storage centre, a large warehouse divided in different size storage areas accessible 24/7.

To use BoxUp is EASY
Contact us for a free estimate of space need or visit us directly at our offices. You can use the Space Calculator to have an initial idea of how much space you need (we have a useful app on the store of your smart phones).
The size of the space you can rent starts from 1 sqm (a small cupboard) to 40 sqm (a room), or a mini wharehouse from 100 to 1000 sqm. The contract duration is flexible starting from 1 month. Should your needs change, you can always increase or decrease the size of your storage space. You will be always free to expand or reduce the space dedicated to you and we require a 15 days notification only to cancel your rent contract. If you have paid in advance, we will give you back the remaining amount of money.

You can pay by credit card, cash, or banker’s draft. You can access your space anytime you want. Your space will become available on the same day you book it.

You pay only what you occupy.
To access your storage area you will need a PIN. Your space is protected by an independent alarm system and is locked with a padlock, with the key only available to yourself. You have unlimited access to your space 24/7 all year round.

Discover our services!

Furniture storage in Milan

Many problems, one solution.
Are you moving in and don't have space to store your furniture?
Are you planning to renovate your home and you need to temporarily vacate some rooms?
Box Up is the right solution, easy and close to you!

Your furniture is safe inside our storage because no one except you can access in your box. With our extensive space for your furniture clutter will no longer be a problem during your moving.
Box up offers separated boxes to fit offices and apartments furniture, ensuring as well archives, equipment and all sort of good custody.

Our service of storage and safekeeping is also ideal for archives, office furniture, tools and machinery and objects of any size. The size of our storage varies depending on the space you need, from 1 to 500 square meters.

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