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Package material

At BoxUp you can find boxes and all you need for your packing requirements. Our customer service team is also available to advise you on how to protect your things. If you want we can ship directly boxes and everything you need directly to your house or you can save money buying them directly in our centre.

Save time with our service and  if you overestimate the number of boxes we buy them back!

Our products

Wardrobe carton
  • Dimensions: 50x50x110
  • Description: To preserve your clothes
  • Price (Tax Included) € 10,00
Small box
  • Dimensions: 40x30x30
  • Description: Ideal for heavy things (books, dishes...)
  • Price (Tax Included): € 2,00
Medium box
  • Dimensions: 60x40x30
  • Description: Ideal for documents, archives, sheets and blankets
  • Price (Tax Included): € 2.60
Large box
  • Dimensions: 50x40x40
  • Description: Ideal for bulky but light things
  • Price (Tax Included): € 2.90
Packing tape
  • Description: To close your boxes
  • Price (Tax Included): € 3,50
Grip gloves
  • Description: To avoid soiling
  • Price (Tax Included): € 3.50
  • Description: To cut what you need to
  • Price (Tax Included): € 3.60
  • Description: To lock and safe your box
  • Price (Tax Included): € 7.50
Rolls of bubble 10 mt
  • Dimensions: h. 100 cm
  • Description: To preserve your items
  • Price (Tax Included): € 14,00
Large chunk polystyrene sack
  • Description: To protect your stuff
  • Price (Tax Included): € 20,00
  • Description: To cut everything you need to
  • Price (Tax Included): € 2.40
  • Description: To take measure of things
  • Price (Tax Included): € 3.00

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