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Temporary offices in Milan

Temporary offices and co-working stations

No worries many advantages

Located in Sesto San Giovanni, a few steps away from Milan and close to major road junctions, our offices are ideal for those are starting a new business, opening a new branch or need a temporary office for other reasons.

Now you also can rent a single co-working station. No more worries, only benefits for a turnkey product, ready for your business. A professional work station, accessible 24/7 where you can safely leave all your work equipment. 

High-speed Internet connection, heating and air conditioning are included.

The ideal location for your business

All our offices have two windows that allow the access of natural light, outdoor video-monitored areas, ample parking, toilets on the same floor, video intercom and reinforced door.

A pleasant, dynamic and young location for your business. The wide free car-parking is available for one-day guests and customers.

Our new coworking service has been well-received by our customers and is in promotion.

The advantages over traditional offices

Maximum flexibility: if you hire new employees or if you relocate your business, you are always free to expand or reduce the space dedicated to you. Our offices are equipped with 3, 4, 6 till 8 workstations or you can join only one desk in our "co-working" area.
Great savings: the use of the office, heating, air conditioning, maintenance, all are services  included in our monthly fee, while in the rent of a traditional office are to be paid separately.

Download the pdf description of our offices

Office 9002 - Download the PDF download

Office 9003 - Download the PDF download

Office 9004 - Download the PDF download

Office 9005 - Download the PDF download

Office 9006 - Download the PDF download

Indoor car-parking

The ample parking is also available for one-day guests and customers

Ample windows

All our offices have ample windows that allow the access of natural light.

Video surveillance

All outdoor areas are video-monitored with 24/7 surveillance systems.

Reinforced door

Every office is singularly equipped with a reinforced door.


For long-term contract you can benefit of some discounts on the trent.

Maximum flexibility

You are always free to expand or reduce the space of your office.


WiFi connection with high-speed internet is included in our monthly fee.

Great savings

Heating, air conditioning and maintenance are included in your rent.

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